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It all starts in 1982 when Ray´s interest in Kung Fu was awaken by some friends and Kung Fu Movies of this period. So he attended his first Kung Fu lesson. The fascination of this art, which has taken part of him at that time persists until today.

 Above all the thought, to get an known actor of showbiz was fascinating to him.

The followed years of hard training were worthwhile themselves.

 In 1986 Ray got the first payoffs and took his first steps on "the boards that mean the world".

 In 1990 Ray gained the title of German Master in Forms (Forms are movements and techniques, simulating a fight against imaginary opponents

with and without weapons, similarly to Kata-Forms in Karate or freestyle in other kind of sport.

 1991 Ray reached his sporty climax: He obtained the title of European Master in Forms without weapons, in the city of Zurich (Switzerland).  

Furthermore he came in third in section Form with weapons, too.

 The first professional engagement was in 1990 at the theme park "Europapark" at Rust [Germany]. The trio were on stage till 1993 at the theme park "Hansapark" at Sierksdorf [Germany].

 Ray and his mate Michael founded the duo of DOUBLE ACTION COOPERATION. For that project they worked for six month on a new show, new costumes and new requisites. Especially attention was payed to the choreography and the choice of the music used in their new show. The main idea of this project was to produce a professional show, where elements of martial arts and artistic became one, to fascinate the young and the young at heart.

 This concept leads them to a full Engagement at the theme park "Holiday Park" at Hassloch [Germany] for two complete seasons 1994 and 1995. At this place they had their premiere scene of freeing from a straitjacket while hanging headfirst at two burning ropes. They have done up to 4 shows daily, for 7 month, a immense mental and physical strain.

 Since 1996 DOUBLE ACTION COOPERATION are on galas more and more. Furthermore Ray designed his One-Man-Show which caused attention to TV editorial stuff shortly. In 1996 the DOUBLE ACTION COOPERATION gained their first award as artists of the year 1996 in category “sensation show”. That decoration was a kick for their career accompanied by the first engagements abroad.

 In 1999 Michael an Ray were nominated to the International Show Award. In the same year, Ray started his One-Man-Show at the theme park at Hassloch.

At the same time a great German radio station payed attention and contracted them for a tour. They were responsible for the visual entertainment of the audience, meanwhile stars like Dave Dee or Tony Christie performed there hits.The next peak point to Ray came in 2003 as he was booked as a special effect actor at one of the biggest European opera festival. Consistent with the music he worked with sword in the opera of Puccini´s Turandot.

 In March 2007 Ray gained the award "Fachmedienpreis 2006" for his one man show. An affirmation for the concept of his project to show the martial arts in a modern, aesthetic and entertaining way.

 Since a short time DOUBLE ACTION COOPERATION offers a Kung Fu Ninja Show". A variation of the original show to consider special and individual wishes of their customers.

Nevertheless Ray keeps to be decent and concentrated in Kung Fu training. Moreover he teaches in Kung Fu and physical fitness training in his free time.

 He founded his own Kung Fu style this year and called it Free Style Kung Fu. This style is fewer focused at street fight or competitions than at gaining more mental and physical fitness.


Thereby self-confidence, self-assurance and self-awareness should increase.

"Don t dream your life, live your dream."

"Do what you do from whole heart, the remainder come of completely alone”.

 This two little pieces of wisdom are certainly responsible to the career of the artists.

 It is not easy all the time, but the meaning of Kung Fu is "hard work" or rather "hard exercise", especial to oneself.